A contractual loophole reportedly allows customers to get their money back for items they have bought from the website without having to return their purchases.

The unofficial policy from the online retailer means shoppers can keep the product and get a refund, but only if it costs less than £10.

Consumer’s watchdogs told the Daily Mirror that the rule demonstrates Amazon’s retail power compared to that of small Independent businesses, who wouldn’t be able to afford such a policy.

“It shows the power of the retailer that it can swallow costs in a way an Independent shop could not,” a consumer group told the paper.

One shopper reportedly bought a box of pens for £8.25 from the website and was given a refund when she tried to return it.

“I couldn’t believe it but I think it’s good customer service. It’s nice to get the money back and not have to queue in the Post Office,” she told the paper.

Amazon declined to comment on the report when contacted by The Independent.

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The UK has for some years been a major market for Amazon and earlier this year the company announced that it intends to expand its despite the uncertainty unleashed by .

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The wealth of Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has grown by , according to .


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