You might have been hearing about teenagers killing themselves because of an “online game” called the challenge, and the issue is being taken seriously by the government. On Wednesday, the official account of the Ministry of Women and Child Development that “it’s unfortunate that the self-destructive Blue Whale Challenge has claimed over 100 lives,” and the account added that the Minister, Maneka Gandhi, had taken up the matter with the Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh, as well as the Information Technology Minister, RS Prasad, to .

However, actually banning the Blue Whale challenge would not be possible – because, , the challenge is not a game – it’s a set of instructions shared online.

In the Blue Whale challenge, people called “curators” chat online with vulnerable teenagers, and lead them down a path of self harm. The tasks are shared online, and the kids are pressured into carrying out these harmful actions, until they’re driven to kill themselves. Here’s what you need to know about the Blue Whale challenge, and why it can’t be banned.


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