has been announcing a whole bunch of things at , not least of which is the revival of a very successful and loved franchise.  got a release date and price, which has us super excited about the classic that spawned the trilogy. The company also announced , with well-known strategy games developer developing it. Since we’re always in the mood for a good strategy game, this episode of Transition features an in-depth discussion of all things Age of Empires. Games editor , friend of the podcast Mikhail Madnani and host talk all things gaming before pop culture nerds and stop by to talk about movie.

We talk about , and the recently launched  too. We discuss the state of the Xbox Elite Controller and how it fares against other controllers Microsoft is selling or shipping with its consoles. We then conclude the Microsoft segment of the podcast by mentioning  and its upcoming launch on Xbox.

Then we move on to brighter topics such as Overwatch. Both Mikhail and Rishi talk about their excitement for the new map and other content updates Blizzard’s game has been getting. Next, we discuss  and the stupendous 170GB download size. We wonder whether the PC port of the game is a bit too late to release and whether it needs support for mods.

We move on to Mass Effect Andromeda and some frankly surprising decisions by EA. The company will no longer provide updates for the game’s single-player mode and we speculate on the future of the game itself. BioWare’s focus is not on the Mass Effect series anymore and this is where Rishi expresses his frustration about the situation.

Then we talk about the  and whether it makes sense to buy the virtual reality headset at the moment. We also discuss the India retail situation of Shadow of War and our experience with .

The last part of the games segment of Transition includes the games we’ve been playing this week, featuring , , , , , , , , and .

Then we start talking about Death Note. We discuss things such as what the manga and anime are about and how the movie differs from then. We question whether the movie is too Americanised and if that has an impact. We mention character development and the missing back story for certain characters, before discussing our verdict on the movie.

You can subscribe to via or or just listen to this episode by hitting the play button below. The music for this episode comes via album , which is the soundtrack for the game, .


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