With under way, its first episode , saw a direct reference to popular and video game, .

Around 22 minutes into the proceedings, Jaime Lannister tells Cersei: “We’re the last of us.” This is due the death of every other Lannister (of course barring Tyrion who switched sides). For fans of The Last of Us, it should hark back not just to the title of the game, but an actual quote what with its protagonist Joel saying, “You know Ellie, we’re really the last of us.”

And while it might seem like a coincidence, Game of Thrones Producer and Writer David Benioff that this was indeed in reference to the game. This is thanks to fans of The Last of Us and Game of Thrones compared Jaime Lannister’s actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to Joel, he decided to have him quote the line. In fact, The Last of Us’ Creative Director Neil Druckmann the scene from the show along with the quote from the game too.

Incidentally, creators of The Last of Us had stated that Benioff’s book, City of Thieves inspired The Last of Us – which is due for a sequel.

The Last of Us Part II was at PlayStation Experience 2016 (PSX) through a trailer rendered in an early version of the game’s engine. Its story will be by Halley Gross. Her previous work includes writing The Adversary and Trompe L’Oeil episodes for Westworld as well as an episode for Banshee entitled Snakes and Whatnot.

“Halley’s my kickass co-writer. Can’t wait to share more of the story with y’all. Spoiler alert: it’s intense,” Neil Druckmann at the time.


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