HSBC’s internet banking has stopped working for its customers.

The bank has told people to try flushing out their browser – emptying their cache and cookies – if they want to get to their money.

Customers are reporting that the fix does appear to work, and makes the internet banking services work like normal. But there’s no obvious way that people would find out about the fix, since people can’t load up the website properly.

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When people attempt to log on, they see an error message reading “Sorry, there appears to be a system problem. Please try again later.”

The bank is telling customers getting in touch with it on Twitter to: “delete your cache, cookies, history, then close the browser and try again”.

Deleting all of those things is most easily done by heading to the settings of whatever internet browser you are using and finding the option to remove those files. On Chrome, for instance, that’s done by heading to the settings, clicking to load up the advanced options, and then pressing the “Clear browsing data” button.


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