Samsung is set to re-release the infamous next week.

The new version of the handset features different components to the original, which had to be recalled after a number of units caught fire.

It will land on 7 July as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE, which stands for “Fandom Edition”.

Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – in pictures Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – in pictures

According to the , it will be available to purchase in South Korea first, where it will cost “below 700,000 South Korean won ($616).” 

That’s around £470, far less than the £699 it was originally available for when it first came out last September. It’s also much cheaper than . 

Though the S8 is newer and better-looking, it has a number of shortcomings and the refurbished Note 7 could still attract interest.

A “relatively modest” number of FE handsets will come to other countries, but Samsung is yet to reveal which countries those will be.

The original Note 7 was unveiled in August 2016, and initially received widespread praise.

It’s attractive and waterproof, and features a fantastic 5.7-inch Quad HD display.

However, everything went downhill spectacularly, after customers’ handsets started catching fire because of battery defects.

It was recalled, re-issued with modified batteries that were also dangerous, recalled again and banned on flights across the world.

In January, Samsung officially revealed the results of its investigations into the phone, and admitted that batteries made in two different factories suffered from a multitude of manufacturing issues. 


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