A video appearing to show somebody trick the new Samsung Galaxy S8’s facial recognition technology has emerged.

The handset, which was launched earlier this week, allows users to unlock the phone with their face.

It’s a fast and convenient alternative to PINs, passcodes and patterns, but might not be the most secure of options.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8

The clip, posted on Twitter by Marcianotech, appears to show a user unlock a Galaxy S8 with a picture of his own face. 

He doesn’t manage it right away, taking several minutes to get the picture into position, but you can see his successful attempt just after the nine-minute mark. 

Fortunately, users won’t be able to use the S8’s face-scanning technology to authenticate payments. 

The handset also offers fingerprint- and iris-scanning technology, which should prove much more secure. 

otherwise, with its design and display particularly impressive. 


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