’s one year anniversary is this week and we discuss what’s changed since its inception. From and to the massive learning curve for newbies and returning players, there’s a lot that’s been added upon what we felt was a last July. Along with this, we compare it to how games like , , and Hearthstone manage to be welcoming to new players without watering down gameplay for loyalists.

In addition to this, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy – a high definition remaster of the one-time unofficial mascot has been out for a week, to acclaim both critical and otherwise. The number one complaint being its difficulty, which for some reason has been equated to of all things – which is amusing since it hasn’t been altered since the original releases. We speculate as to why this is the case and comment on India’s delayed launch for the game.

Furthermore, we talk about rumours surrounding the possible release of action games and Bayonetta 2 for the and the controversy surrounding developer Bioware’s new game – . A new trailer taken from footage has had users up in arms suggesting that fanboys need some time out.

The conversation turns to and how ’s stance on hardselling you on the latest and greatest in the series has softened with the advent of microtransactions, DLC, and plummeting sales.

On the topic of DLC, we talk about ’s expansion pass and if it’s worth your time and energy. The first DLC for it includes Master Mode, a new quest in Trials of the Sword, and a host of items and can only be bought with the second DLC due later in the year for $20. Could this be the way forward for Nintendo? Find out in Transition.

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