Microsoft has made the Windows 10 Creators Update available to download ahead of its official release next week. 

Members of have had access to the operating system’s new features for a little while already, but you no longer have to join the testing team in order to jump the queue for the update.

Simply download the  and follow the instructions. 

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If you have enrolled in the Insider Program and want to download the Windows 10 Creators Update and stop receiving Insider Preview builds, you can do so by firing up the Settings menu and selecting the right option under Windows Insider Program.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is expected to start rolling out on 11 April, but recent history suggests that . 

Last year’s Anniversary Update took seven months to reach 90% of the Windows users eligible for the upgrade.

Microsoft had informed customers that it would roll out the update gradually, but its aim was to complete the process in roughly three months.

What’s more, the company is likely to stagger the Creators Update, in order to keep on top of bugs and avoid overwhelming its servers.

Downloading it now or over the weekend, therefore, could prove a sensible move.

The Creators Update will introduce a number of new features, including Paint 3D, game streaming and braille support, as well as a multitude of performance and security tweaks and enhancements.


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